About us

Sikura Gestioni was born from the multi-year experience raised by Miro Invest’s dynamic management of real estates for sale and its employees’ experiences; this management strategy has grown into companies where the working vocation was directed to the conservative and functional maintenance.

The society works into the commercial- administrative, technical and fiscal management. Sikura Gestioni also supplies services to real estates, in the interest and under commission of Owners, Administrators of condominiums, Lessees and Users of the same real estates.

The activity is finalized to the maintenance of technical functionality and economic worth of the real estate, to the improvement of the estate, to the management and optimization of economical incomes; the Society works to obtain/for the best use by lessees and users, for the technical, administrative and fiscal performances of Owners, Lessees and Users.

The society propose Itself as manager of the real estate, like the only interlocutor for every facilities necessary to the best functionality of the unity and, in the case of more complex operations, like General Contractor.
Sikura Gestioni is organized in specia- listic teams, which work following advance methodo- logies, tested during the experiences of the single subjects and confirmed by the satisfaction of the Clients.

One of the strength points consist in the offer of a service carefully prepared “ad hoc” for the Client’s needs, studied on the particularities of the realty that has to be administrated; in this way the plain has the maximum flexibility, instead of a purpose of standard packages that don’t satisfy the Client’s expectations for a customised service.

Learning And Operating Phases
The methods of evaluations and technical analysis, which are absolutely necessary for the administration of real estates in fee or in direct use by a third person, has a learning and an operating phase.

a) Learning Phases
b) Operating Phases: Phase standard - Structural Interventions To The Units’s Real Estate