Quality Policy

Since the beginning, and especially in the last three years, a strong interest was given to the quality management. The arrangement of methods and organizational structures, that allow products and services meeting the expectations and satisfaction of the Client. – checked out through suitable processes - has led to a continuous improvement. 

Following these goals, the Society is activated in order to: 

a) focus the attention on the Client: - it’s first necessary to check that Client requests are properly contractually defined, in order to direct all the personnel involved to these requirements 

b) actuate a quality policy: - the measure of our success is tied to the satisfaction of the Client and is based on our skill to meet its needs. The continued improvement of our efficiency in the provision and organization to do so, represent for us not only a goal but also an advantage competitive. 

As said before, Sikura proposes itself as manager of the real estate taking the connotation of global partner for all the necessary services. 

In this view, the ability to offer a service tailored on the Client’s needs – while retaining the maximum flexibility - is critical to our success. 

In this context, the maintenance of a substantial quality of the services provided, with the continuous effort to improve the quality itself, are essential to our affirmation on the market. 

An appropriate system of quality management, such as that posed by Sikura, allows us to measure our efficiency and services quality, through the definition of goals and indicators for their measurement which are reviewed on an annual basis to verify validity and achievement. 

To achieve the Client’s maximum satisfaction and the consequent growth of imagine, competition and profitability business, our Society involves its entire staff in the quality policy and achievement of the quality’s goals defined. 

All the activities are conducted with a good administrative and technical order, and are been achieved, maintained or renovated the qualifications or certifications required by law to carry out of all the types of business. 

Also the choice and the appropriate management of the Suppliers plays a fundamental role in the quality management system, as exposed to the best in the next chapter.